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Things You Need to Know About an Online LPN Program

Licensed Practical NurseThe health care industry in the United States is said to be growing until the year 2020 and beyond. In response to the increase need of health care workers, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) have a considerable number of job opportunities available to them in the market.

With the very competitive arena of employment, many practical students opt for an online degree program while at the same time being employed to help support one’s self for the financial implications. Even with medical-allied courses, online degree programs are growing in popularity due to the many advantages it offers.

What is an Online LPN Program?

An online LPN program is a distance learning method of teaching that uses the Internet as a primary vehicle to foster learning. The program works by utilizing an online database wherein enrolled students can access the course syllabus, study guides, and other teaching paraphernalia used by the school. The lessons are delivered through e-mails, e-books, video simulations, and other available electronic media.

Students can access the course lessons at their most convenient time, hence offering much flexibility. However, it is important to note that such teaching methods are most applicable to the didactic curricula of the LPN program. The internship portion remains to be suited for the traditional in-the-flesh manner; that is, cannot be done online.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for an online LPN program may vary from one school to another. However, we have listed below the essential requirements that are mandatory for most, if not all, schools:

  • Computer unit and Internet connection. It is prudent that you ask for the specifications by the school as to the features needed in a computer, such as the operating system, DVD player, etc. This is to ensure that the software and other programs that the school uses will work well with your unit. Moreover, you will need to have a reliable Internet connection as the program works entirely with the use of the Net.
  • General education requirements. General education requirements pertain to the prerequisite courses that need to be complied with before being able to proceed to the actual degree program. These courses can be taken up during your high school education, such as chemistry, biology, algebra, English communications, etc.
  • Transcript of records. The transcript of records serves to supplement the academic requirements by most schools. You must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 from a scale of 4.0 to qualify for admission. Moreover, some schools require each student to have a grade of not less than C for the general education courses.
  • Age requirement. The state board of nursing mandates licensed practical nurses to be at least 18 years of age to qualify for admission and licensing. For this, you may need to present your certificate of birth, as well as your high school diploma as supporting documents.

Tuition & Fees

The tuition fee for most online LPN programs ranges from $740 to $2,500 per semester. The fees may include the health insurance, affiliation fees to partnering medical facilities, and the miscellaneous fees in schools. Note that the costs for textbooks, uniforms, and medical paraphernalia are separate from the tuition fee.

Course Duration

The usual duration for an LPN program is about 3 semesters, or about 1 to 1 ½ years. An online LPN program is essentially taken part-time; hence, it entails an additional semester on top of the usual case. However, some schools have a condensed coursework of the online program. This enables students to complete the course in the same timeframe as with a traditional LPN program.

Online LPN Bridge Programs

There are yet many other academic pathways available for LPN students. A licensed practical nurse program is a good stepping stone for one’s nursing career. Bridge programs are available for students who wish to take their LPN studies to higher pedestal in the nursing hierarchy. The program works by transferring credits from your LPN program to your current bridge program; ergo, this lessens the time for completion of the latter program.

  • Online LPN to RN Bridge Programs – This type of program is designed to cater LPNs who wish to attain an RN license. This basically involves an academic coursework toward a 1- to 2-year associate’s degree since most state boards of nursing allows such attainment to qualify for the licensure exam for registered nurses. Learn More
  • Online LPN to BSN Bridge Programs – This program is aimed at earning a bachelor of science in nursing degree. It takes an additional 2 to 3 years to complete the bridge program. Learn More
  • Online LPN to ADN Bridge Programs – This program is dual in nature: an associate’s degree in nursing can be your stepping stone for a bachelor’s degree or to an RN license. This program entails an additional 1 year of study to complete. Learn More

Schools Offering an Online LPN Program

There are many schools offering an online LPN program across the 50 states in the United States. One of the crucial considerations you need to make before choosing a school is to determine whether their online program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC). This ensures that the coursework meets the standards set up the embodying authorities in the nursing profession. In the meantime, we have listed below some of the most popular schools offering an online LPN program:

An online LPN program is a good choice for students who are currently employed or have other time commitments.