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Important Facts about Online LPN to ADN Programs

A successful choice of education would give a great career path to anyone who follows it. For ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing), graduates will be assured of a good salary and benefits. This program would prepare them to sit and pass through NCLEX (National Council Licensing Examination made for Registered Nurses). When students pass this exam, they can practice as a nurse in 50 states and even in other U.S. territories. Many colleges are also offering this course as a form of accelerated degree to prepare the graduates for the next level of expertise.

Benefits of LPN to ADN Programs

As colleges face capacity shortages and technology develops, many institutions and schools now offer online degree programs. There are plenty of advantages for online LPN to ADN programs:

  • Video lectures, chat forums, and discussion groups have a unique interaction and experience compared to a traditional degree program.
  • Students have access to the best faculty and education facilities no matter where they are in the country.
  • Many online degrees are available with certain accelerated options – this allows the students to graduate ahead of schedule if they wish.
  • The cost of studying online is usually less expensive compared to programs on campus.
  • Students have the flexibility to study any place and any time that they can fit into their busy schedule.

Qualifications of LPN to ADN Programs

The ADN is considered as a stepping stone for many LPNs who want to become registered nurses. The course will run for two years and after graduation, successful finishers can work immediately in their field. Many students choose this course because they could start earning right away compared to a four-year BSN program.

Requirements differ depending on institutions but generally, students need to be a graduate of a preparatory course and have at least 940 SAT score. For LPNs, all they need to enroll are the bridging courses since they already have some subjects credited – this would make it easier for them to graduate. Take note that all states require an accredited and approved diploma or nursing degree before the nurses can practice their profession.