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What is an Online LPN to BSN Program?

Most nurses with LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) licenses would want to go back to school and earn a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree to qualify for promotions or to work in certain areas. In online LPN to BSN programs, all virtual tools needed to complete the training will be available to the students, including live video chat with professors and peers.

Benefits of LPN to BSN Programs

Graduates of BSN can further enhance their career by allowing them to assist doctors, work on certain hospital floors, and have certain management duties like training other nurses. This degree also allows students to work in administration jobs – these types of work don’t have much interaction with patients but it earns more money over time.

There are many advantages of enrolling in online LPN to BSN programs. For one, a more convenient schedule will be given, a stronger interaction with peers, a more lenient allowance for previous work experience, and a focus on core concepts translating very well in the professional nursing field.

Qualifications of LPN to BSN Programs

Nurses with LPN licenses should take courses in medical equipment, medical terminology, patient care, and first aid. They typically provide the additional care needed in doctor’s offices, clinics, nursing care facilities, and in limited hospital areas. But if they are ambitious enough, they can take online LPN to BSN programs and advance their careers profusely.

LPNs can register for a BSN program only if there were good marks obtained in their courses and there were good remarks obtained from their work experiences. The program typically run for two years, and this time LPN nurses have to learn various advanced medical terminologies, complete an internship, and pass their exam for nursing certification. This is the type of exam that will test the problem solving skills and knowledge of the nurses in providing adequate care for patients. It’s a compulsory exam needed before the LPN can earn a BSN degree. After passing this certification test, the new BSN graduate can now work in offices, clinics, pediatrics, trauma units, emergency rooms, and many other hospital areas.